News For Yous

Dear friends, I’m excited to share three things with you:

1) My bro-in-law of Big City Sandwich in Edmonton is one of four finalists in Ace Bakery’s Best Sandwich Contest in Canada! They’re flying him to Toronto, putting him up in a fancy hotel and giving him (and the charity of his choice!) a cash prize. If he wins, he (and the charity of his choice!) will get some mo’ money mo’ money! Chris Delaney makes some of the best sandwiches I’MNOTKIDDING, and we’re thrilled that he’s being recognized nationally for them. The sandwich that qualified him? Tequila Lime Chicken Sammie. Holy moly. I want to eat it. Now. Follow him on twitter @bigcitysandwich

Tequila Lime Chicken Sammie

2) I’m officially a regular contributor to the LA Family Magazine website, where Josh and I will post a weekly recipe with some step-by-step videos. It’s all thanks to this little blog! I’m positively delighted, and here’s a link to our first article, the Quicknic

3) I found a recipe via the Huffington Post from Small Kitchen College for homemade frozen yogurt a la Pinkberry (or whichever pricey Fro Yo joint is closest to you). I’m making some RIGHT NOW. Here’s the recipe. It’s cheap and easy, but you’ll need an ice cream maker. Get that thing out its box/the basement/wherever you’re stashing it and enjoy this cool treat.

Frozen Vanilla Yogurt

This recipe is potentially dangerous. It’s just too easy and affordable to not want to make for dessert every night.

Frozen Vanilla Yogurt (from Small Kitchen College via the Huffington Post)

3 cups full fat plain Greek yogurt
1/2-3/4 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla

1) Mix sugar and vanilla into yogurt, then refrigerate for an hour (or stick it in the freezer for 10 minutes if you can’t wait, like I did).
2) Churn and freeze in your ice cream maker for 20- 40 min (the same way that you would ice cream) until you’ve reached the desired consistency.
3) Top with leftover fruit salad, that mango that’s been hanging around the kitchen counter, or the chocolate chips you have saved for cookies.
4) Enjoy your summer addiction.


One thought on “News For Yous

  1. Mr. Delaney has been so kind as to allow me to choose the charity that benefits from his $1000 finalists donation! I am happy to say that the Edmonton Down Syndrome Society is the lucky beneficiary! Thanks to Chris and Big City Sandwich for being AWESOME!!

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