About the Dean Team

It all adds up…

The Dean Team (basic) = 1 actor/writer/husband, Josh + 1 actor/singer/wife, Celina + a great deal of free time + major boners for all things food and awesome.

The Dean Team (deluxe edition) = Josh + Celina + a plethora of culinary inspirations (including *our kick ass multi-talented family & **friends! friends! friends!).

*BLUEBIRD CAKES – Josh’s sister Amanda Van Unen:  past member of the Canadian Culinary Team and proprietor of a booming cake business in Edmonton, Alberta.

*BIG CITY SANDWICH – Josh’s brother-in-law Chris and sister Jessica Delaney:  Pop-up restaurant ninjas and future owners of Edmonton’s best Gourmet Sandwich Truck.

*CHRISTY DEAN PHOTOGRAPHY– Josh’s sister Christy Dean, camera queen supreme.

*PULP STUDIOS– Josh’s brother-in-law, Kelly Mellings, amazing art talent and co-proprietor of Edmonton’s hippest illustration and graphic design studio.

*Our moms.

**HAPPY OPU– Happy tummy blog belonging to Jewel Staite, actress, friend, wino, inspiration.

**Our group of radical friendos who are always happy to eat.


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