News For Yous

Dear friends, I’m excited to share three things with you:

1) My bro-in-law of Big City Sandwich in Edmonton is one of four finalists in Ace Bakery’s Best Sandwich Contest in Canada! They’re flying him to Toronto, putting him up in a fancy hotel and giving him (and the charity of his choice!) a cash prize. If he wins, he (and the charity of his choice!) will get some mo’ money mo’ money! Chris Delaney makes some of the best sandwiches I’MNOTKIDDING, and we’re thrilled that he’s being recognized nationally for them. The sandwich that qualified him? Tequila Lime Chicken Sammie. Holy moly. I want to eat it. Now. Follow him on twitter @bigcitysandwich

Tequila Lime Chicken Sammie

2) I’m officially a regular contributor to the LA Family Magazine website, where Josh and I will post a weekly recipe with some step-by-step videos. It’s all thanks to this little blog! I’m positively delighted, and here’s a link to our first article, the Quicknic

3) I found a recipe via the Huffington Post from Small Kitchen College for homemade frozen yogurt a la Pinkberry (or whichever pricey Fro Yo joint is closest to you). I’m making some RIGHT NOW. Here’s the recipe. It’s cheap and easy, but you’ll need an ice cream maker. Get that thing out its box/the basement/wherever you’re stashing it and enjoy this cool treat.

Frozen Vanilla Yogurt

This recipe is potentially dangerous. It’s just too easy and affordable to not want to make for dessert every night.

Frozen Vanilla Yogurt (from Small Kitchen College via the Huffington Post)

3 cups full fat plain Greek yogurt
1/2-3/4 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla

1) Mix sugar and vanilla into yogurt, then refrigerate for an hour (or stick it in the freezer for 10 minutes if you can’t wait, like I did).
2) Churn and freeze in your ice cream maker for 20- 40 min (the same way that you would ice cream) until you’ve reached the desired consistency.
3) Top with leftover fruit salad, that mango that’s been hanging around the kitchen counter, or the chocolate chips you have saved for cookies.
4) Enjoy your summer addiction.


Christmas Day in Geneva!

After completing an amazing six week job in Louisville, Kentucky(more reflections to come on that in the New Year!), Josh and I hopped on a plane and now find ourselves in Geneva, Switzerland. We’re embarking on my dream vacation over the next three and a half weeks: Switzerland, France and Italy. Holy jeez! ImageInspiration for our trip? Our best friend Martin invited us to holiday with his family in Geneva, where his father is finishing out eight more months of his four year post here as a Canadian Ambassador.

We arrived just after noon on Christmas morning and were picked up from the airport and whisked to the Ambassador’s residence where Santa had somehow found us and left us a heap of prezzies (including black salt for me and a Swiss army knife for Josh. What the?!? Santa, you’re a real dapper Dan). Tourtierre for lunch, a two hour nap, and then champagne, duck fois gras and crudités during the cocktail hour, followed by a New Zealand Chardonnay, then a Bourdeaux from the 1970’s to go with our roast turkey, sweet potatoes, broccoli mash, roasted potatoes, baguette… and finally a sweet Sauterne paired with hand made Bailey’s truffles, lemon tart and chocolate roll and cookies and… and then Bailey’s… and…  good lord. All served on beautiful Wedgewood china from England- made expressly for the Canadian government.

The house sits on Lake Geneva, and on the clear Christmas Day that we arrived, and this morning as I sat by the window typing this, I could see Mont Blanc rise up from behind it. The home is lovely and impressive to say the least, and comes with a Raclette kitchen that I haven’t even seen yet (and don’t even know what that exactly is) to say the most. Our hosts are the kindest, most generous people, and I endeavor to have an opportunity to return their kindnesses.

We’re off to spend the day in Gruyere, where I expect to find the cheese. And an alien museum.

Listen. If the jet lag doesn’t get me, being thrust into the throng of large amounts of delicious food and drink just might, but don’t worry guys, I brought my draw-string eatin’ pants and a can do spirit.

 More travel food updates to come anon!

Big City Sandwich and Bluebird Cakes Pop Up

Dear Jack Skellington, for Halloween this year I would like a time machine to travel back to Edmonton last Sunday.

My brother-in-law knows his way around bold flavors and meat (and how!), which has led him to follow his heart and chase a dream- to open a gourmet food truck in Edmonton: Big City Sandwich. You get the idea… he’ll sell super deluxe sammies all around Festival City for as long as weather permits. Yeah yeah, another sandwich truck, what’s the big deal? The big deal is that a) food trucks aren’t yet a big deal in Edmonton and b) that wouldn’t matter anyway because these aren’t sandwiches for the faint of heart. Chris Delaney brings his love for meat, for BBQ, and for obsessive research and testing, and sandwiches it (see what I did there? Boom!) between the most delicious, thoughtfully selected buns, then serves up some crazy good times on the side. The man is an infectious slab of pure joy, and it tells in his culinary offerings. But it’s not cheap to buy a food truck, no siree. In an effort to raise awareness (and funds!) for his New Year endeavor, Chris Delaney has been “popping up” at local Edmonton restaurants. He shows up with his ingredients,a crew, and a game plan, and takes over an established restaurant that’s generally slow or closed for the evening: food profit goes to him, drink profit to the establishment, done.

Big City Sandwich popped up at the delicious and well respected Packrat Louie last Sunday, and to great success. Beef brisket sammies with bacon jam, topped with Delaney’s signature jalapeño popper. Fresh cut fries sprinkled in “bone dust.” Oh folks! Cap the evening off with my sister-in-law Amanda’s pumpkin whoopee pies from Bluebird Cakes, and you’ve got yourself an epic win! 168 meat sammies were sold, 10 vegetarian, and the whoopees sold out. (You’re maybe going to get tired of hearing me sing Bluebird Cake praises, but you shouldn’t. Guys. The things that this woman can do with baked goods will haunt. Your. Dreams.)

Last month, Big City Sandwich debuted their pop up at the Bend, to the tune of Cuban Pork Sammies (oh, holy hell- toasted bun, swiss, pulled pork, candy caramelized onion, sour pickle, spicy mustard, jalapeño popper), bone dust fries with a side of chipotle mayo, and some sweet and cool slaw. Bluebird rocked out some red velvet whoopees, and Josh and I were fortunate enough to be assistant Bluebirds in the baking of the 160 tiny temptations, then served as line cooks on the night of the big event. It was a bit of a dream come true, and the evening was a raging success.

Congrats to Big City Sandwich and Bluebird Cakes for getting it done, and in an old school way. (If you’re reading this and happened to be there, leave a comment and let me know how delicious it was). I’ll keep you posted as to where their next pop up attack will be- I don’t want to miss it, but without my Halloween time machine, I don’t like my chances. So please, oh oh plea- ea- ease… go for me?